Hello Beautiful Soul, I am delighted you are here. This is the home for individuals looking for an alternative perspective of life changes, ultimate freedom, positive mindsets, holistic healing, and vision creating. Renee and her Team have developed NOT YOUR AVERAGE NURSE ASSOCIATION, to help build the life of your dreams, create massive success, and help you unlock your full potential! Renee has been a Nurse for over a decade and has helped 1000's of individuals through their healing journeys. This doesn't include just our physical health.

This encompasses mind, body and soul training, that helps you excel in all areas of your life. Truly helping you unlock your full potential.

Regardless, if you are just beginning on your soulful journey or you have been at this for years, we have a little something for everyone. We provide services, education, and tools to Up-Level your life, keep you in a high-vibrational state to accomplish what your heart and soul desires.

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4 Ways We Can Help

#1 Weekly Videos, education or online seminar to help you find quality and abundance in life

Our main goal is to provide you value and content to apply in your everyday life. We lead to inspire and empower you through your journey

#2 Online Courses

Not Your Average Nurse Online Courses. We have developed and published an online portal for you to access exclusive content and courses to help you accelerate into transformation and change. We currently have courses on mindset, energy healing, and cannabis education. Click here to view all of our courses

#3 Not Your Average Nurse Membership Only Access

If you’re looking for more hands, one on one coaching and to dive deeper into your wellness and transformation journey. Become a member today. You will have full access to the back office, receive discounts on courses, EFT sessions & quarterly gift sets from Natural Nurse Solutions-Wellness Store. A $350 value but to you a fraction of the cost!

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Become the best version of yourself, capture your vision, learn to live life to the fullest in all aspects of your life. Not only will this help you unlock your life's purpose but will open up abundance in all aspects of your life.

#4 EFT Sessions

We as “beings” were designed to naturally heal. Meaning heal from the inside out. Myself & my clients have been using it for years. EFT has been described by its users that it helps enhance focus, increase vision & vibrancy, improve mood and perception of triggered events, clear your mind, eliminate cravings, assist in weight loss, and help with overstress reduction & health. With consistent use of EFT has been shown to help those struggling to better handle the challenges and stress of everyday life. We offer online sessions through Zoom. Members of Not Your Average Nurse receive a membership discount for sessions.

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Our Message

After years of working with clients one on one from all over the world, Renee decided to create an online platform to connect her with her students, business partners, clients, and other healers. This community was designed for like-minded individuals to come together in one place and receive exclusive content and knowledge. She developed Not Your Average Nurse because she is just that, "Not Your Average Nurse" she started off as a small-town girl in the world of conventional medicine. It wasn't until she had her own health scare that she realized the priceless and fragile life and our health can be. She doesn't only have a HUGE passion for helping others she also wants to see and help them succeed. In 2017, she leads a team of 5000 independent business owners at the forefront of the Cannabis Industry. This was only the beginning of the journey and what would later lead to global expansion. Renee has been a helping people from all over the world physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally to unlock their true greatness and become the best version of themselves. When you are part of our Exclusive Membership you will be working with Renee one on one as a student, friend, and peer. "We learn and grow together, without community and support our journeys can be long and hard, but when you can be guided by someone who has walked the path and stayed true to themselves to overcome the odds this is much easier. You see there are things in life I've learned the hard way, I've lost a lot but have also gained the most important lessons in the process. I look forward to working with each and every one of you as you join our positive, empowering & uplifting community."

We've taken the hard part out and offering you a platform to get everything you need to gain abundance in your life.

I'll see you on the other side and can't wait to celebrate your success and watch abundance flow into your life.

Next Steps...

We invite you to unlock your full potential. We will help you release the old you into a bright new rewarding future.